Carl Joseph

Carl Joseph has been making things his entire life. This more serious furniture adventure started about a decade ago. Beginning as a hobby, it has slowly expanded into something a little more. It’s his way of getting away from the rush of the world and back in touch with the simpler things. A variety of pieces come out of the home based workshop, from small jewellery boxes to large custom designed dining tables.

As a passionate environmentalist, working with a natural resource comes with its issues. That is why Carl prefers to work with recycled or reclaimed timbers. When these aren’t available, timber is sourced through certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) businesses. The FSC helps to ensure the sustainability of our forests, and protects the habitat it provides to the many creatures and critters.




In 2013 Carl travelled to Devon in the UK for a month of training at David Savage’s Atelier. A wonderful experience that taught the use of hand tools, and through drawing classes to observe the finest details which were invisible to the eye before.

If you see a piece that you like or have an idea that you want to see realised, please feel free to contact Carl